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Go Ahead. Your Landscape Might be a Winner!

If your landscape is located in Pasco, Pinellas or Hillsborough counties, we encourage you to submit your landscape for consideration. All entries will be reviewed and finalists will receive an on-site evaluation by your county extension office representative, along with local water utility representatives.

Win or not, you’ll receive feedback and tips from a Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ expert!

To enter, just answer the following questions and submit a few photos showing the property from the front, back and side. All entries need to be received by midnight on June 30, 2018.

Please indicate the category of your landscape

Landscape Conservation Criteria

Retention of Existing Trees and Vegetation

Native plants are adapted to the site and usually do not need additional irrigation. Retaining or restoring natural areas provides habitat for wildlife and minimizes maintenance requirements.

Landscape Design and Plant Selection

Plants that are appropriate for a site need less water and maintenance, and they minimize the need for fertilizers and pesticides.

Stormwater Runoff Prevention

When rainfall is retained and used by plants on-site, the need for irrigation is minimized and pollution for stormwater runoff is reduced.

Efficient Irrigation

Properly designed and installed irrigation systems use water more efficiently and save money. Regular inspections and mainenance ensures efficient operation. Seasonal schedules adjust to changing needs throughout the year.

Inspect your sprinkler system when areas of your yard show stress and when the seasons change (e.g., winter dormancy, summer rainfall). Even well-designed systems should be inspected at least four times each year for leaks, broken parts and proper adjustment, including controllers/timers and rain shut-off devices. 

What type of irrigation system(s) do you use?

Drip/low-volume/microirrigation system evaluation

Conventional in-ground irrigation system evaluation

Include photos of your landscape

Please upload up to three photos of your landscape. For best results, use photos that are no larger than 2MB each.


For assistance with this application form, please contact:
Brandon Moore
Tampa Bay Water
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Employees of project sponsors are not eligible for the Tampa Bay Community Water-Wise Awards.

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