Rebates from $40 to $1,000

Get Paid for Saving Water

Rebates for Homeowners

Get paid for doing your part by installing water-efficient devices in your house, mobile home, condo or townhouse.

High Efficiency

Up to

$100 Rebate

Start saving money with every flush. By installing a water-efficient EPA WaterSense certified toilet, you can reduce your toilet’s water use by up to 60%.

Smart Irrigation

Free device and installation or Up to $250

Save more with a smart irrigation controller that monitors soil or weather conditions so you won’t over-water your lawn. Reduce your outdoor water use by up to 30% and lower your water bill.


Up to

$1,000 Rebate

Watering your yard can account for half or more of your water bill. Reduce your monthly water bill by up to 50% and save.

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