Based on the utility bill address you entered, you are not eligible for a rebate. To review the eligibility requirements, please explore the individual rebates page(s) to learn more.

Please note that if you do not directly pay your own water bill (for example if your home is located in an HOA or apartment building, or your business rents space) you will need to provide the billing address as it appears on the water utility bill in order to determine eligibility for a rebate. If you ultimately apply for a rebate, you will need to submit a copy of a water bill.

If you have still have questions or feel there is an error, please contact us and we will re-review your eligibility. Email us at or call us at 888-491-0033.

Participating water providers are shown below. If your water provider is not a participant in this program, you may still be able to participate in the effort to conserve water! Please see the Additional Water Conservation Resources below, and visit your water provider’s website to see what is available in your area.

Additional Water Conservation Resources:

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ UF/IFAS Extension Pasco County

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program UF/IFAS Extension Pinellas County

Indoor Water Conservation

Identifying Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are the most common indoor leak. We recommend checking at least quarterly for toilet leaks due to these two common issues:

  • a warped or failing flapper
  • water running into the overflow tube

Check for a warped or failing flapper by adding a couple of drops of dark food coloring to the toilet tank. Don’t flush. Wait about 15 minutes, then check the water in the toilet bowl. If the color has traveled into the bowl, the toilet tank is leaking at the flapper. If the flapper is warped or failing, be sure to replace it with one that matches the brand and model of the toilet so the seal is tight. Replacement is easy: just follow the installation instructions on the package. If water running into the overflow tube is the source of the problem, carefully adjust the float level control screw so that the water shuts off at a half-inch to one inch below the overflow pipe.

Outdoor Water Conservation

Florida-friendly Plant Database for your yard:

Create your list of Florida native plants with the Florida Native Plant Society:

Know Your Irrigation Contractor

Rain Barrels: A Home Owners Guide

Commercial & Institutional Facilities

Water Efficiency and Self-Conducted Water Audits at Commercial and Institutional Facilities: A Guide for Facility Managers

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