Rebates from $75 to $40,000

Did you know you could be letting your money go down the drain? Tampa Bay Water Wise provides 11 different rebates for homeowners and business owners for water-efficient equipment that helps you save more water and money on your utility bill. Rebates are available for plumbing fixtures, irrigation devices, food service equipment, and more.

Rebates for Homeowners

Get paid for doing your part by installing water-efficient devices in your house, apartment, condo or townhouse.

High Efficiency Toilets — Up to $100

Start saving money with every flush. By installing a water-efficient EPA WaterSense certified toilet, you can reduce your toilet’s water use by more than 60%.

Smart Irrigation Controllers — Free device and installation or Up to $250

Save more with a smart irrigation controller that monitors soil or weather conditions so you won’t over-water your lawn. Reduce your monthly outdoor water use by up to 30% and lower your water bill.

Shallow Wells — Up to $1,000

Watering your yard can account for half or more of your water bill. Reduce your monthly water bill by up to 50% and save.

Rebates for Businesses & Organizations

Office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more can benefit from our rebates for making water-efficient choices.

Customizable Rebate — Up to $40,000

This customizable rebate is for projects that improve water-use efficiency in commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family properties.

Multi-Family High Efficiency Toilets — Up to $75

Property managers — save on your utility bill by installing high efficiency EPA WaterSense certified toilets in your townhomes, apartments or condo buildings.

Cooling Towers — Up to $1,000 – $10,000

Cooling towers are used in buildings to remove the heat generated by computers, lights, people, and more, which uses a significant amount of water. Businesses that increase the cycles of concentration (COC) of their cooling tower from less than 3 to at least 6 COC’s or more can qualify for a rebate.

Commercial Dishwasher — Up to $400

Restaurants and food service facilities can save water — and money — by installing Energy Star labeled Conveyor-Type Dishwashers. Increase water efficiency and get paid.

Pre-Rinse Spray Valve — Up to $50

Pre-rinse spray valves are responsible for nearly one-third of the water used in a commercial kitchen. Restaurant and food service business owners can save water and money by replacing their pre-rinse spray valves with water-efficient ones.

Florida Water Star — Up to $1,000

Building a new single family home? This rebate is being offered for new homes that become Florida Water Star℠-certified.

Tank Type Toilet — Up to $75

Save water with every flush and cut down on your utility bill by replacing your business’s toilets with high efficiency EPA WaterSense certified toilets.

Half-Gallon Urinal — Up to $75

Switching to water-efficient half-gallon urinals could mean saving thousands of gallons of water for your business every year.

Flush Valve Toilet — Up to $75

Flushes add up. Reduce your business costs by installing high efficiency EPA WaterSense certified toilets.

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